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RECON E-AHL (Exoskeleton Ankle Hyperextension Limit - Alberto Barozzi patented concept)
• Off-road boot designed and made entirely in Italy 
• Cutting-edge technologies and innovative materials
• Revolutionary exoskeleton with Stainless Steel arms is the "protective cell" of the ankle and tibia
• Prevent dangerous twisting of ankles 
• Allow to the rider an ideal control of dorsal and plantar foot flexion
• Ensures tibial/tarsal compartment defence
• Highest levels of comfort and performance

Ufo Plast is increasingly synonymous with protection safety, and with this same logic we present you with the RECON E-AHL (exoskeleton ankle hyperextension limit)off-road boot.
This Alberto Barozzi concept patented innovative product has been exclusively shown to protect the tibial/tarsal compartment and offers users absolute comfort.
This concept has been studied over several years through careful biomechanical analysis. Detailed knowledge of the needs and issues in use have made it possible to identify in detail the points set forth in the product's development.

This "Made in Italy" product has been created by a network of highly skilled professionals who have made it possible to express the concept innovations on the product.
A study of shapes, research of thermoplastic/fabric materials, engineering development, design, highly skilled Italian craftsmanship and strict testing in the laboratory and in the field all have allowed for the creation of this product, with methodological criterion that sets Ufo Plast products apart.