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  • Features
  • Included in Termorace's professional line, dedicated to drivers and teams
  • Tyre temperature is stabilized at 80ºC using a high precision thermostat (+/-2 ºC)
  • The heating element in carbon fibre is covered with a layer of heat-conducting silicone to ensure maximum toughness and reliability
  • The double circuit heating element is arranged transversally and specially designed for optimum heating also of the edges of the tyre tread - the area most difficult to heat up
  • Heat distributor: special anti-adherent material interwoven with copper filaments which contact with the tyre and ensure an even distribution of heat over the whole tread
  • Well insulated to avoid heat loss and increase efficiency
  • Made in fire resistant, cut-resistant, water repellent fabrics, treated to resist oil and petrol
  • Wide side skirting for quick heating also of the rim
  • Elastic side elements for easy fitting
  • Available in all sizes (3XS-3XL)
  • Wide range of colours with option of personalization and application
  • of user logos
  • Compliant with EC standards